Why the prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto God


Why the prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto God

A person who sins and pray is a Hypocrite christian. Hypocritic christians are people who go to church every sunday, attend almost every crusade they hear about, frequently read the bible, listen to gospel music, watch gospel tv channels but still do the things that the unbelievers do…. like backbiting, fighting, stealing, lies telling, drunkeness etc.

God hates hypocritic Christians so badly and doesn,t want to associate himself with them. The spirit of God can never dwell in a Hypocrite christian. God will never share his glory with the devil. Jehovah is a very jealous God. Its either you are with christ or against him.

The hypocritic christians are wrong models for Christ i.e. the lifestyle of the Hypocritic christians discourages the unbelievers from coming to christ.

When an unbelieve looks at the lifestyle of the Hypocrite christians and sees no difference with his or hers or even thinks that their life is far holier than that of the Hypocrite christians, they see no need for Christ. The Hypocrite christians have made so many people to believe that the coming of Christ is a Hoax and christianity a mere moral lesson.

Due to the fact that Jehovah doesn,t listen to the prayers of the Hypocritic christians, the Hypocritic christians often live in abject poverty despite their so many years of worshiping God. When the Unbelievers look at such people, they think that God is incapable of supplying their needs as the bible says. So they run to Satan. In addition to that God view the Hypocrite christians as robbers. They are looking for opportunity to steal the fruits of God,s vineyard to enjoy with the agents of Satan. God; who is omniwise, can,t let them to steal even a pinch of salt. Hence the reason why they will always be poor till the day they decide to jump down from the fence.

Majority of the people who have gone to Scoan, Agcom , Omega fire ministries etc for breakthrough, miracle and other fruits of God vineyard but didn,t get it, is because they are hypocrite who wish to rob God.

Man know thyself. If you are a hypocrite christian, pleaseeeee change as from today. Those who worship God, must do so in spirit and in truth. God is watching you 24/7.