Ewube Cholleh me MP3 Download


Ewube Cholleh me MP3 Download

Ewube; the Cameroonian dance hall queen has released another potential dance hall hit single titled “Cholleh Me”. If you are an Anglophone Cameroonian from the ghetto (like me), then the phrase “Cholleh Me” needs no interpretation.

For the benefit of the Ajebottas, Cholleh me is an old Cameroon pidgin slang/lingo that simply mean “leave me alone , mind your business“.

For example Whenever you are doing something that seem offensive to many people in Cameroon (like twerking, wearing mini skirts, tattoos, piercings, wearing a chain on your leg, etc), there,s bound to be negative comments (trolls) from people (mostly your neighbours) and online. In that situation, the best answer to give to those people (the haterz) without wasting words, is “Abeg Cholleh Me” (meaning leave me alone, mind your business please).

However nowadays, the term “Cholleh” has now become an outdated pidgin slang i.e. many people don,t frequently use it as compared to the past. I hope this song will bring this catchy pidgin  word back to life (fashion).

The inpiration behind Ewube,s Cholleh Me track.

The inspiration behind Ewube,s “Cholleh Me” song possibly came from the Feedback to her “Pop it” twerking music video.

When that Pop it music video was released, many Cameroonians began to wonder whether Ewube is a good girl gone bad or a bad girl gone worse.The character they saw in her “Pop it” music video was unlike the Ewube they have known before.

Ewube twerked like a typical Jamaican club girl in her Pop it music video.  In a certain scene it seems like her trouser almost came down (lol i guess her trouser couldn,t handle the vibrations coming from her hips anymore) thanks to the video editor who did a slight mordification to the scene.You can watch the Pop it music video below.

So a twerking video like pop it was bound to generate lots of negative comments (trolls) and this Cholleh Me track is a perfect track to clear the trolls, gossips and negative comments in the street and online.

She,s saying to all her haterz “Abeg Cholleh Me.Move your eye from ma bad tin dem cause me no see your own when you doin dem. Mind your business, mind your damn business.Tell the bad man make e no say me name.

She was obviously passing a very strong and clear message to all her haterz through her Cholleh Me hit single. She obviously needs a break.

So when next she release another music video like “Pop it” or a more controversial one (like the 50 cent,s disco inferno type video), the noise in the street won,t be too great.

The most catchy messages from Ewube,s Cholleh Me song lyric include.

Cholleh Me, Abeg i say Cholleh Me. I need a break.

Move your eye from ma bad tin dem cause me no see your own when you doin dem. Mind your business, mind your damn business.

Tell the bad man make e no say me name.

Stop disrespecting your mama (possibly one of the negative comments or trolls to her Pop it music video).


Ewube,s Cholleh me track featured background vocals (chants) from the  talented Cameroonian dance hall music artist; Rude Bway; who also featured in Ewube,s hit single titled “Trowey“.

Rude Bway,s Jamaican ascent and back up chants gave the Cholleh Me track a perfect Jamaican vibe capable of making “Cholleh Me” a hit even in Jamaica. I personally call Rude Bway the Cameroon Elephant man. I guess his role model is Elephant man; the Jamaican dancehall music artist.

Music Producer

Ewube,s Cholleh Me track was produced by Slim beats; who has also produced other Ewube,s hit singles like “Party all nyte”, “Trowey “and “Pop it”.

The catchy dancehall rhythm and melody of the Cholleh Me song, is capable of making you to impulsively nod your head or stam your feet in amusement. Party animals like us can,t resist the temptation to dance at the sound of the Cholleh Me track. I remember when this song was played in a bar in Limbe on Labour day 2017, almost everybody stood up (including me). Those who were too drunk/shy to stand up, couldn,t resist the temptation of humming and beat boxing the catchy tune. That,s when i knew that Slim Beats has performed another abracadabra in the studio again. Wow!! the melody and rhythm is even stuck in my head. I even created a YouTube Video of myself humming and beatboxing the catchy “Cholleh Me” beat.

Record Label.

Ewube,s Cholleh Me single was released under the Omega Record Label. She,s currently signed to the Label.

Ewube “Cholleh Me” MP3 download.

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