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Tzy Panchak Biography

Tzy Panchak short Biography wiki Stage name: Tzy Panchak (its Tzy Panchakooo). Real name: Etah Tambe Nyenti Profession: Cameroonian Afro music recording artist Tzy Panchak,s Age: 27; born on feb 27 1990. Record Label: Tzy Panchak is currently signed to Blunation, a Buea-based Record Label. Etah Tambe Nyenti popularly known[…]

Ewube Cholleh me MP3 Download

Ewube; the Cameroonian dance hall queen has released another potential dance hall hit single titled “Cholleh Me”. If you are an Anglophone Cameroonian from the ghetto (like me), then the phrase “Cholleh Me” needs no interpretation. For the benefit of the Ajebottas, Cholleh me is an old Cameroon pidgin slang/lingo[…]

What is a blog and how to identify a blog website.

A blog is a type of website or a section of a website where a person known as a blogger regularly writes and publish articles (blog posts) about topics that interest him or her or a target audience. A blog website is a medium where you (the blogger) can freely[…]

Trump Vs the Media| Which party do the American people trust?ikmj

Trump victory clearly indicates that the American people no longer trust the media. Despite all the verrrrrry nasty things that the media (CNN) said about Trump and the very beautiful things that the media said about Hillary Clinton, the American people still voted for Trump. If the American people voted[…]

What is Google Play Store?

Google play store is a free Android App that will enable you to easily download and install Android Apps from the Google play store website. The Google play store website contains numerous free and paid Apps that you can install on your Android smart phone and add extra functions to[…]

How to install WhatsApp to your Andriod smartphone

Do you wish to know how to install the WhatsApp application on your smartphone??? if yes, then this article was ¬†specifically written for you. In this article, i,m going to show you how to install the WhatsApp application from the Google Play Store. Ok let,s get down to business. Requirements[…]

Why the prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto God

A person who sins and pray is a Hypocrite christian. Hypocritic christians are people who go to church every sunday, attend almost every crusade they hear about, frequently read the bible, listen to gospel music, watch gospel tv channels but still do the things that the unbelievers do…. like backbiting,[…]

What is a selfhosted wordpress blog?

A self hosted wordpress blog is a wordpress powered blog that is hosted on a private server space rather than on the free server computer. In other words, to create a selfhosted wordpress blog, you will need to rent a server space (hosting space) from the web server computer[…]